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FVASEE Education Solution is a smart classroom solution that within education curriculum includes the new and innovative way of teaching process and lectures by implementation of modern information communication technologies with the aim to increase innovation and collaboration in teaching process, to ensure better communication between teachers and students and to raise the overall efficiency of learning. It’s also a smart student-centric way of teaching, built to enable interactive learning.

Help Teachers

  • To enrich the lesson planning and in-class experiences of teachers.
  • To engage students by making learning fun.
  • To enhance students' classroom experiences by diversifying learning activities.
  • To improve student learning outcomes, both subject-specific and in a broader context.
  • To enable teachers to integrate the technology into their classrooms.

Help Students

  • To be beneficial for all types of students.
  • To learn easily using modern technology.
  • To active participation of teaching.
  • To interact with teachers using handheld smart terminals in classes.
  • To review teaching process after class.

Help Parents

  • To know what their children learned in class and provide help on courses.
  • To know more about their children's learning conditions.

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