What is the difference between the conference interactive board and a smart touch all-in-one?

The conference interactive board can replace the traditional conference projection + small whiteboard mode, a display device integrating projector, TV, flat panel, whiteboard, and audio. The touch all-in-one is a product that integrates the functions of TV, computer and touch screen. It is precisely because of the unique combination of attributes of the touch screen that it has multiple functions and better solves various problems.

So what is the difference between conference interactive board and a smart touch all-in-one? The following FVASEE SCREEN will give you a brief introduction:

First, the appearance is different. The conference interactive board is mainly wall-mounted and used with a variety of floor stands. The touch all-in-one has a variety of styles and can be customized, and the customization is strong.

Second, the size is different. The main size of the conference smart board is 55 inches to 110 inches, while the size of the smart touch all-in-one is 15.6 inches to 110 inches, and there are many sizes.

Three, the functions are different:

Conference interactive board features:

1. Conference whiteboard: fast writing, erase with the back of the hand, slide to clear the screen, free zoom, colorful annotations.

2. One-key wireless screen transfer: Android/iPhone screen, PPT, video, picture, and screen projection; easy and simple.

3.Video conference.

4. File management: classified management of videos, pictures, and documents in an orderly manner.

5. Welcome reception: 10-second universal template application, personalized reception template.

6.APP installation.

Smart touch all-in-one product features:

1. Advertising playback: a complete advertising broadcast control system that can be used for advertising through multimedia materials such as videos, pictures, music, streaming subtitles, small plug-ins (weather, exchange rates, etc.), Flash, PPT, Word, Excel, PDF, web pages and other multimedia materials.

2. Touch query: scenic spot query, ticket query, train number query, government affairs disclosure, dish query, etc.

3. Smart jump: touch to jump to the designated APP, touch to open the designated webpage.

4. Shopping in the mall: usually play designated advertisements, and jump to designated shopping APP after being touched. Directly display shopping malls throughout the day.

5. Navigation guidelines: floors, shops, office windows, etc. are quoted in airports, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, government inquiries, scenic spots publicity, public businesses, e-commerce shopping, etc.


Fourth, the application scenarios are different. The conference interactive board is mainly used for meetings and training, and the touch all-in-one is used in various scenarios in public places.


The above content is an introduction to the difference between the conference interactive board and the smart touch all-in-one. In today’s society, in the era of digital office, the conference interactive board and touch all-in-one are already indispensable for every high-tech enterprise office. With the increasing application of touch devices in people’s lives and work, the application of touch all-in-ones in various fields has become more popular. Its powerful functions and strong practicability are deeply loved by users, and can greatly improve office efficiency.


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